The Forever FUND Campaign

Powering the Enduring Protection of Lake George

The FUND for Lake George

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To achieve our 2020 goals and scale our work for full protection of the entire Lake George basin, we are publicly announcing...

A $10,000,000 investment in permanent protection of Lake George.

What does Forever mean?

As long as people rely on and enjoy these magnificent clear waters, Lake George will need vigorous protection. There is no finish line for this critical work. Our Lake will need our guiding leadership for every generation that follows. The Forever FUND meets this need.

The $10,000,000 Forever FUND Campaign will drive completion of our protection milestones for 2020 and create the science-to-solutions platform for permanent protection of Lake George. This campaign—the largest in the history of Lake George protection—will establish a permanent endowment at the level necessary to ensure that upon its completion every dollar of contributions made to The FUND will be applied directly to our protection programs.

The FUND’s uniquely efficient, partner-led business model makes this possible. Your generous contribution to The Forever FUND at this pivotal time for Lake George makes it real.

Your gift to The Forever FUND is your long-term investment in Lake George—delivering lasting returns.

Multiplier Effect: The Power of Your Investment Put to Work

Investments by The FUND yield a powerful 7X multiplier effect – meaning that every dollar we invest leads to an average of seven protection dollars in public and private partner contributions.

graphic depicting $1 multiplying seven times over Lake George

Why are we contributing to The Forever FUND?

This is one corner of the world that we can help keep pristine for others to enjoy in future generations.

The Schadler Family

Lake George is a magical place — one of the cleanest, purest lakes in the world. We want to keep it that way, for our children and grandchildren.

Judy and Jeff Killeen